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Meet The Team


Educational Resources

Looking to learn more about how ACC helps to end animal homelessness in NYC? Check out our free resources and helpful information for animal lovers of all ages.


Animal Helpers and Heroes

No matter what their role is, our staff and volunteers make positive differences in the lives of NYC's homeless pets every day. Learn more about some of our animal helpers and heroes that work at ACC.

-Coming Soon!-

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Lost and Found

Did you know that 1 in 3 pets go missing in their lifetime? Find out ways that ACC can help you find your missing pet, what to do in case you find a lost animal, and what you can do to protect your pet if they ever do go missing.

-Coming Soon!-


Pet Guardian Resources

Are you and your family thinking about adopting new pet? Maybe you already have pets at home? No matter what, it's important to understand what your responsibilities are to be the best pet guardian ever! Learn about animal needs, behavior, and body language.

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Help and Support

Do you and your family need assistance to keep your pets? You are not alone! We have offer lots of resources and services to help people keep their pets where they belong - at home, with the families who love them. 

-Coming Soon!-

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