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About ACC

Animal Care Centers of NYC is our city's official animal shelter and the largest provider of animal welfare services in New York City.

Additionally, we are the city's only open admission animal shelter. This means we don't turn any animals away! 

We currently have three full service shelter locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island, and a resource center in The Bronx.


Did you know?

At Animal Care Centers of NYC, we take our role as the official shelter of the City of New York very seriously. 

Not only do our shelter staff and volunteers take of the basic needs of our animals, we also care for their emotional, intellectual, and behavioral needs though enrichment toys and activities, and being aware of their emotions. Happy animals are healthy animals. 

Each year we see over 20,000 animals coming to our shelter locations. We work with over 200 New Hope partners to find placement for the many exotic and wild animals who also come to our shelters.

More than just a shelter, we also are a community resource for pets and people of our city, providing many services and resources to help pets stay at home, where they belong, with the people who love them.


Community Kids Coordinator

Katherine Reeves

Katherine is the Community Kids Coordinator at Animal Care Centers of NYC. She started in January of 2019 and helped to develop the Community Kids Program from the ground up.


With a background in museum education, tour-guiding, and access education, Katherine is dedicated to providing informative and fun educational programs and opportunities to young people across the five boroughs. Her goal for the Community Kids Program is to provide a platform for young people with a passion  for animals and to help empower and inspire the next generation of animal lovers, advocates, and guardians to make positive changes in their community and our city as a whole. 

She currently lives in Staten Island with her cats Baba Yaga, Hansel, and Gretel.

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