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DIY Donators

Individuals, community groups, and classrooms across NYC who are interested in making pet toys or blankets, or who would like to host a fundraiser or donation drive are welcome to reach out to our Community Kids team! We can provide directions for approved DIY projects or brainstorm different ways that you can use your skills and talents to support our shelters.

Document your progress and time, and our ACC Community Kids Coordinator can sign any paperwork you have, to make your time eligible for volunteer hours.

Ideas for Projects


Pet Toys and Beds

Got some extra pipe cleaners and felt? How about some old t-shirts? Looking for a great way to recycle paper towel rolls? Check out our ideas for making toys, bedding, and fun treats for our animals!


Donation Drives

If you're getting rid of your old towels or blankets, don't just throw them away! Towels, blankets, and sheets that are free from holes and long strings can be donated to our shelters and used as bedding!

Just please wash them first!



Lemonade stands, bake sales, and auctions, oh my! If you're interested in raising money to help support our animals and mission to end animal homelessness in NYC, let us know!

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